Moreton Bay Turns It On

With Youth Olympic qualification on the line, Bic Techno Plus competitors are finding their groove at the halfway point of the 2018 Australian Youth Championships.

A fascinating battle between Max van der Zalm from New Zealand and Alex Halank from Australian is taking place in the Bic Techno Plus with Alex hot on the heels of his trans-Tasman rival.

“Today was really good, the wind picked up by the last race and I ended up winning a race which was good,” Alex said. “The close racing with Max from New Zealand was really good today, we have been within 20 seconds of each other at the finish so nice and close.

And then the wind picked up across all three race courses producing some epic wipe-outs.

“There were no wipeouts for me which may have given me a bit of an edge but a couple of people were not ready for the wind when it did pick up,” Alex said.

Kiwi, Veerle ten Have is leading the female feet in the Bic Plus with Queenslander and 2017 Australian Youth Worlds representative, Hailey Lea building momentum to handle the heavier breeze.

“It was really tricky stuff today especially with me being underweight for the 8.5, but it was really fun getting around the top mark and slamming it downwind, hectic stuff,” Hailey said.


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