Remembering the Qualifier for Oceania

The Oceanic champions are both from New Zealand with Australia taking second place in both the Girl's and Boy’s divisions.
The final day of the Bic Techno 293 Plus Oceania Championships included 3 races in shifty and variable wind conditions and concluded a very exciting regatta with close racing between Australia and New Zealand. The competitors were keen to get racing since only one race was possible on the third day before a sudden change of conditions caused the racing to be abandoned.
Alex Halank from Australia won the first race with a massive lead from the event leader Max van der Zalm from New Zealand who then claimed first place in the final two races of the event to decisively take the Gold medal in the Boy’s division ahead of Alex. In a consistently strong performance and very close to the top two boys, Veerle ten Have from New Zealand was third place in the regatta and first in the Girl’s division with a second and third place in the last two races of the final day. Grae Morris from Australia had a strong finish to the regatta with two third places on the last day to claim third place in the Boys division. The second placed girl, Australian Hailey Lea struggled in the last three days of the regatta but was able to rely on a solid performance on the first day to hold onto the silver medal ahead of fellow Australian Amelia Quinlan who beat her in all races on the final day to take the bronze medal in the Girls division. 

The very hot temperatures and generally strong winds of the previous days reduced for the final day of this regatta which was marked by a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and we would not be exaggerating to say that the competitors have also become great friends!

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